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Morocco Enacts Reforms but Obstacles Remain

Al Monitor reports on Morocco’s economic performance and the status of efforts to improve Morocco’s employment through sectoral development: Morocco boasts a unique geographical location: It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; it is the closest African country to Europe; and it enjoys close relations with the European Union countries, especially France and Spain. Significant Moroccan communities exist in European countries such as France, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Moreover, Morocco enjoys political ...

World Bank Announces US$100 Million Project to Support Skills Development and Employment in Morocco

Big news from The World Bank, which announced a $100m project to support Morocco’s efforts to create jobs. Morocco has recently launched several initiatives which will dovetail with the World Bank project, including agreements with private sector providers of vocational training, new support programs for NGOs, a new draft law to promote micro-enterprises, and the establishment of a National Observatory for Employment: The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved ...

The Best Food Markets Around the World

The Guardian explores the best of exotic markets from around the globe. Not surprisingly, Morocco comes in for some lofty acclaim – Marrakesh specifically: […] A friend I was visiting Barcelona with regularly goes to Morocco, and while I was cooing and gawping at La Boqueria, she was a little less impressed. For her, it would take a lot to beat Moroccan souks on food, atmosphere and experience. “Moroccan markets ...

TED Talk: How I Brought a River, and My City, Back to Life

Aziza Chaouni, Architect + ecotourism specialist, gives a TED talk on her work to revive the Fez River, which runs through her hometown of Fez, Morocco. After Fes received funds to divert sewage water and to treat it, Chaouni was commissioned by the city to work with a team of engineers to uncover the river:   [Full Story via TED]

Social Policies in Morocco: Thousands of Projects Launched by INDH

Aujourd’hui: Le Maroc takes a look at the accomplishments of Morocco’s National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) in creating programs for economic development and opportunity (Article in French): The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) has successfully created numerous activities to generate income, in particular in agriculture, commerce, and small industries and services. Since its launch in 2005, INDH has paved the way for more than 6,525 projects to generate ...

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